My hair is finally the perfect shade of purple.

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Reblogging for his YouTube name 95Camry4Life … that’s solid gold man. The video’s entertaining as well.


Lights Out: Ryan. AKA YouTuber 95Camry4Life, lives next door to neighbors who happen to enjoy having rather loud intercourse on a regular basis.

Rather than get upset and ask them to quiet down their coitus, Ryan has decided to put their bumping and grinding to good use by challenging himself to complete random timed tasks with his neighbors’ humping noises acting as the stopwatch.

In the first “Thin Wall Challenge” (above), Ryan attempts to blow as many balloons as he can before the sex sounds stop.

Below: The Thin Wall Challenge ante gets upped: If he can’t bounce five quarters into a cup before the beast with two backs quits huffing and puffing, Ryan will shock himself with a taser.

Can he flip before they flop? Let’s watch.

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Love this city (Taken with instagram)

How to properly hide booze in your Facebook pictures:

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Breakfast for lunch (Taken with instagram)

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday!

The Marine brother and I. (Taken with instagram)

Dinner :) (Taken with instagram)